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FUNdamentals (U6-U8) Program

What is Fundamentals?

Although sometimes we may mistake 6-8 year-olds for little adults, they are clearly not little adults. They have many years of childhood and development to enjoy before they are able to look at life in a similar fashion to adults. The reason for this is that they need time to intellectually, emotionally, and physically develop. Although we do live in the same world, when seen through our own eyes, the world both adults and children experience is quite different. In order to fully understand these wonderful children and to make practices run as smoothly and happily as possible, it is extremely important for us to understand the characteristics about U6-U8 children.

How do We Do This?

The physical attributes indicated below should be introduced and developed through FUN games and activities. 

Continue with development of physical skills introduced in the Active Start phase, i.e. running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, catching etc.


  • can be developed during warm-ups, cool downs and games


  • Very low priority Developed through FUN activities and small sided games


  • Very Low Priority but can be developed through FUN activities and games that work with the child’s body weight (as opposed to weights and formal exercises)


  • 1st window of speed trainability Coaches should stimulate and encourage fast cadence of movement, developing linear, lateral and multi- directional speed using FUN games and exercises


  • Introduce exercises that mimic movements that are required in sport e g dynamic stretching Should include whole body movements, shoulders, trunk, hips, knees


  • Should be developed using FUN games that use acceleration as a part of the activity


  • Can be introduced and developed in conjunction with Speed and Acceleration, in FUN games and activities.


  • As per Agility, Balance and Coordination introduce in FUN games and activities


  • Introduce and develop playing small-sided games


  • Children should participate in other activities and sports to help FUNdamental movement skills


Registration will open before September 6th 2019.

Program Information

  • Fall and Winter sessions will be 10 weeks long each
  • Sessions are on Saturdays OR Sundays
  • Times: 2013/2012 11am-12pm; 2012/2011 12pm-1pm
  • 2012 new players should sign up for the earlier session
  • 2012 returning players should sign up for the later session
  • 2011 new players should sign up for the weekend session (as opposed to the Monday night advanced training session)
  • Registration fees per session, will be $125/player for 2013/2012/2011.
  • If you sign up in Fall, for both Fall and Winter sessions you will receive a 10% discount.
  • Registration fee includes a Jr Gaels tshirt.
  • All sessions will be out of the Boys and Girls Club, West End Hub. 
  • Sessions are led by our Staff Coaches.

U8 ADP (Advanced Development Program) Co-ed

For U8 (2011 born) boys and girls that are keen to learn more about the game of soccer and improve their individual skills, this is for you! Sessions will be led by our Club's Development Head Coach.

  • U8 ADP will be on Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club, West End Hub.
  • Fall fees are $100 (8 sessions) and Winter fees are $125 (10 sessions).
  • Fees include a Jr Gaels training jersey.

Role of the Parents

Before practice

  • Ensure your child has eaten and has had enough rest.
  • Ask your child if they have all their “kit” and a water bottle.

During your child’s practice

  • Support the coach with praise and encouragement.
  • Praise effort don’t criticize mistakes.

After your child’s practice

  • Praise the effort your child has given.
  • Ask if they had fun.
  • Give them food and a drink.
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