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House League (U9-U21) Program

Kingston Clippers House League

Kingston Clippers Soccer Club operates an outdoor house league for children aged 9 to 18. The league runs from beginning of June through to August finishes with a weekend tournament. There is  one game a week and referees are provided for all groups. Unlike our younger programs, boys and girls play in their own leagues from U9 to U18. The leagues up to and including U12 are the comprised of only Clippers teams. The older Clippers teams play in an interlocking league with  teams from Kingston United and other local clubs. New for this year is a co-ed U21 league (dependent on registration).

Parent volunteer coaches and managers are vital in the success of this program - please consider volunteering! 

The cost of this program is $165.

For those players who wish to improve their skills and wish to have more fun playing soccer, we offer our Extra Kicks Program!

Summer 2018 Schedule

What is House League?

House League is a community-based recreational league open to all players of any skill level and ability. Our House League program is strategically designed to offer fun and excitement to children in a team format, while supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for all players.

The U8-U11 female and U9-U12 male age group is the third stage of soccer development that our players go through, commonly known as the “golden age of learning”.  The effect of the role model is very important at this stage. Children begin to identify with famous players and successful teams, and they want to learn imaginative skills.  Skill demonstration is very important and the players learn best by “doing”. Repetitions are important to develop technical excellence, but creating a fun and challenging environment is still essential for stimulating learning.

The aim of the house league program at the older age groups is to foster a love of the game and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Role of the Parents

Before practice/game

  • Ensure your child has eaten and has had enough rest.
  • Ask your child if they have all their “kit” and a water bottle.

During your child’s practice/game

  • Play with your child, have fun with them.
  • Support the coach with praise and encouragement.
  • Praise effort don’t criticize mistakes.

After your child’s practice/game

  • Praise the effort your child has given.
  • Ask if they had fun.
  • Give them food and a drink.
Kingston Clippers Soccer Club

Kingston Clippers Soccer Club

Phone: 613-384-6196