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Kingston Clippers 2018/19 Identification Sessions

Player Identification Sessions Information

What is the difference between and Identification Session and a Tryout?

The Identification Camp is an opportunity for players to demonstrate their interest in playing for the Kingston Clippers Soccer Club in the summer of 2019. A tryout is a high-risk, often one or two opportunity, chance to prove yourself to evaluators.

Why an Identification Session and not a tryout?

Coaches, at this point in the season, know their players well. In many cases, rosters could be selected in consultation with and approval by the Club Head Coach without putting this year’s players through a tryout. Players outside of the Club still need an avenue into the Club – so we need to give them that chance.

Next Steps

Offers for positions with the Kingston Clippers Junior Gaels summer teams will be made following this identification sessions. Players selected are encouraged to participate in Fall and Winter Training programs and will be required to pay a deposit to hold their roster position.

Do players have to register?

Yes. To speed up the process, players must register before their session. See the registration link below:

The Registration "Kingston Clippers 2018/19 Identification Sessions" is not currently available.

When are the Identification Sessions?

Monday, September 17th - Development Program
  1.  5:00 pm - 2010 Girls, 2009 Girls, 2008 Girls, 2007 Girls 
  2. 6:00 pm -  2010 Boys, 2009 Boys
  3. 7:00 pm - 2008 Boys, 2007 Boys 
Monday, September 24th - Competitive Program  
  1. 5:00 pm - 2006 Girls, 2005 Girls, 2004 Girls, 2003 Girls
  2. 6:00 pm -  2006 Boys, 2005 Boys   
  3. 7:00 pm  - 2004 Boys, 2003 Boys 

Where are the Identification Sessions?

Both the Development Program Identification Sessions on Monday, September 17 and the Competitive Identification Sessions on Monday, September 24 are at Queen's Miklas-McCarney Field located at Queen's West Campus. 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to attend the registration sessions. All players must register online in order to participate.

My Child was born in 2001 or 2002. What do they do?

YOB 2002 and 2001 who do not have to attend an identification camp will be invited to participate in Fall and Winter Programming and this will lead to the formation of teams in February 2019 based on levels of participation.

Should my child play development or competitive soccer?

All parents need to ask whether their child (and their family) should play soccer at a higher level. Click here to see a description of the commitment required to enjoy high level soccer.